Federal Association of German Incoming Companies

The Federal Association of the German Incoming Companies (DMCs) is an association of incoming agencies and land operators based in Germany. Our member DMCs buy touristic services from all Germany and wholesale either package deals or single services to the international travel industry.

DMCs provide their services for German tourism by utilizing their vast knowledge of the respective source markets they specialize in. They also serve the international tourism industry by offering their special market and product knowledge on the destination Germany. They therefore represent a vital and important fragment of German tourism industry.

The association does not provide client related services but serves as a representative to the German authorities, government and public our professional interests as DMCs.

For further information please contact:

Federal Association of German Incoming Companies
Dominicusstr. 32
D-10827 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)30 936 20 134
E-mail: info@bvdiu.org